Album Review: Laid Thomas @laid_thomas – “New Lazarus”


If “Hazardous was any indication of what I could expect from “New Lazarus”, I was in
for a dope ride. Laid spits this one line that I found to be the hardest through the
track, “what you want your shirt to say, Laid sprayed me up?”. I think Laid found
his groove over this electric guitar filled beat, and I love it. “Life Like” is
painted with a story telling vibe, and I fuck with it, because I felt like I was
watching an episode of “The Wire”. “Alleyway” ft. Lil Gudda sounds like music to
chase the opps to, and even though I am not a gangster, I killed some people in my
head to this and Lil Gudda and Laid seem to be relay racing and passing the baton to
one another on this and they are winning. “Fork Tender” really hit close to home,
mainly because it is a straight hustling anthem, no matter what field it is you are
hustling in, the lines I found to be the dopest here were, “you can catch me at the
arabs, buying 15 for the 15, if you want a verse from me it’s 15 for the 16’s”
gotdamn Laid. I think this cat gets better with every album and that’s what it is
about. “Say Bye” is dope to me because he talks about how his life is despite his
health issues, and he lets Kilo Gramz and Dr. Jeer come through and share their world
on this one too and it just fits to me, it is one of my favorite tracks. Laid
documents his life or part of it on social media and he is doing more than a lot of
artists are out here doing despite things that he is facing in his personal life.
“Move Careful”, seems to illustrate much of my life in 2015, because people do not always have your best interest at heart, some want to be you, and some want what you have but hate you because you got it, but this line,”Envy in their eyes you gotta move careful”, I can definitely relate to this and I┬áthink that’s why this track resonates as deeply with me as it does, and it serves as
a warning and a reminder to move carefully because the people that you trust and look
to as friends and comrades aren’t always what they appear to be, and Dr. Jeer comes
through on Laid’s tracks with the assist, I love their collaborations because it
sounds natural and the chemistry is there!
“These Niggas” featuring Lil Gudda and Dr Jeer, is an eerie track telling you why
“These NIGGAS” will never be like Laid and his team, mainly because they aren’t out
here doing what they need to do to be successful like them, and what I will say is
Laid seems to be extremely consistent with how he drops his albums, I REPEAT
“ALBUMS”. If you are going to drop music get paid for it, and trust me this album is
worth the money. “Money Calling”, sounds like my life, like I AM NOT THINKING ABOUT
VAGINA when the money is on the table. This is a paper chasing anthem, and this is
what you play on the late night tip when you trying to stack it up, “I ain’t thinking
about that ass when the money call, I’m trying to ball baby, I want it all”, if that
ain’t the damn truth, this is my second favorite here because Laid’s flow is to die
for, seriously. “Own Lane” is another classic from Laid, it has to be up there with
“Pine Box” from Laid’s “Titanic Thompson” album also available on itunes. When Laid
says he is in his own lane, he is telling the truth, because again I have worked with
many artists, but Laid drops album after album, like he is Tupac or something with
the music that he has stored, unlimited tracks.

I think this album may be the best one so far, Laid’s flow and songwriting has
improved a lot from when he first started putting music out and he puts your favorite
rapper to shame when it comes to supplying that demand.

This is rated A+ to me and I think it is worth your money, make sure you check out
his other albums on Itunes.